Easy Availability Sharing

Book meetings without ever leaving your inbox. No new calendar or stand-alone app needed.

Making scheduling a breeze for 1,000s of users worldwide
Tyler Crimmins
Account Executive, Proton.ai
"I am so happy to say that I finally found something that solves the exact need of just about everyone. Nobody wants to send a Calendly link or a poll. We just need a list of times that you're available. This tool is incredible."
Taly Matiteyahu
Founder & CEO of Blink
“I prefer proposing time slots instead of dropping a generic scheduling link. It shows proactivity and creates some sort of urgency which makes it much more likely for my counter-part to take action. And AgreeTo removes the effort from this approach.”
Share bookable time slots in 5 seconds

Select your available times, add them to your email, and let the other person book a meeting with one click.

Why it’s better than your usual scheduling link
1) Keep human touch
Make scheduling a natural part of personal interactions and use it to foster relationships.
2) Stay in control
Decide when to have the meeting, without handing off your agenda to someone else.
3) Increase conversions
People appreciate the effort you put into offering time slots - leading to more meetings booked.
Travel between time zones
Overlay your colleagues’ calendars
Switch between languages
Create temporary holds for important meetings
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