Availability sharing made easy

The easiest way to set up meetings without using scheduling links
Slot Selection
Feature: Include your colleagues
Include your colleagues

Just add your colleagues’ events to the view and share availabilities that work both for you and your colleagues.

Feature: Stay where you get your work done
Stay where you get your work done

No new calendar. No desktop App. AgreeTo allows you to share your availability from where you live while working.

Feature: Delete groups of blockers
Delete groups of blockers

If you want to clear out blockers without confirming any of them, simply select one of them and delete the whole group.

Feature: Confirm events to clear blockers
Confirm events to clear blockers

Once you agreed on a time to meet, confirm one of the blockers you created. Once confirmed, all other blockers will be deleted automatically.

AgreeTo 2.0 launches soon

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